80's Refrigerator

A refrigerator that's been sat in the break room of an old loading bay for a few years. This prop is part of a larger scene I'm working on, more information about it here -https://polycount.com/discussion/215810/wip-ue4-loading-bay-heist#latest

The notices and cobwebs are on their own atlas as they'll be used in many place around the scene. I've been working on this prop on and off for a couple of weeks, just trying to get the materials feeling right. The asset is a bit high poly, but for most game uses you could cut the stuff from the back including the wires.

Thanks to Derk Elshof for help with working out the normals on the paper

And also a thanks to Lea Kronenberger for her Merlins cave breakdown, helped me work out how to do the cobwebs!