80's Vending Machine

A 80's style vending machine sat around the corner from a 7/11. I made this prop to compliment the prop I did late last year, the 80's fridge.

I spent a lot of time studying and re-creating confectionery from the 1980's to better understand graphic design of the time. Some are skewed, some are real, some are completely new.

I decided to present the vending machine with a small diorama to show how the machine sits in a scene made with Megascans. Although it's not exactly "photo-real" I feel like it holds up pretty well against real world scan data.

Big thanks to Kieran Goodson, Rick Greeve, Ben Keeling, and the 3DFT community for their feedback on texturing and presentation throughout, it was massively helpful.

I should be releasing the cans, sweets and crisps as free assets on my marketplace over the next few weeks.